His Master's Voice

So, today I thought it would be lovely to draw our dog, Hector. Hector is a rescued wire haired German Pointer X Springer Spaniel. Two and a half years old. He mostly looks pointer and has this wonderful beard and characterful eyebrows. In fact, he has a huge personality and often makes me chuckle. Myself and Mr Quilty adore him. And he adores us. But mostly Mr Q. Mr Q has been top dog since they were constant companions when Hector was a pup. 

Mr Q's other name is DJ Gramophone. He has quite a collection of old 78's spanning several decades. When he cranks up the gramophone and music wafts through the house, I'm transported to another world. I love the sound of the crackle from the vinyl and, although the sound is mono, there is something authentic and real about listening to it.

That's why I had to draw this picture of Hector looking intently at the gramophone as if the gramophone was Ronan himself. It is a little nod to HMV......not that we go in for the whole Master/ownership thing. No ownership is needed and Hector definitely has an independent mind.

If you would like a lifelike portrait made of your lovely companions, or the companion of a relative with a slightly quirky twist to it, then please contact me. 

Happy creativity in whatever you are doing.