3 Valley Vegans Vegan Fair

We have an announcement to make.

3 Valley Vegans are having their very own fair here, in Todmorden, on 4th February, from 1.30 onwards (for more details, see link below).

I'm excited about this because, well, this is a subject close to my heart. It feels so invigorating that this revolution is now picking up momentum. Up and down our sleepy towns and villages in England, at any time of year, you can now attend a Vegan Festival.

For my part I have designed a teeshirt, which will be on sale at the fair for the sole purpose of fundraising and raising awareness. 50% of all sales go to 3 Valley Vegans to promote kind and ethical living and eating. The more teeshirts we sell, the better equipped 3 Valley Vegans are for getting their message out there. Your support would make all the difference.

Sadly I can't sell any yet as they are coming back from the printers. But if you click on Shop here on my website, you will get a sneak preview and, if you like it, you can place an order, which I will ship out to you.

And the great thing is you don't have to be a hippie to attend the fair! It's a fascinating education and compassionate journey learning to live without dairy, meat, honey, wool, leather, etc. Once you start to see the many benefits, you won't turn back. Anyone can have a kind heart and high standards of ethical living (as much as possible, we still have a lot to learn). If science says we can live without meat and dairy, then who am I to argue the case?

Sadly, because we are so addicted to meat and dairy and embroiled in the industry, there is so much information about said industry that we turn a blind eye from. For example, all day old male chicks are of no use and, therefore, are extinguished. They are gassed, blended alive, crushed or left to die.

Why do we allow this to happen? If we knew this was happening to cute little puppies, there would be a national outcry, and yet, what truly is is the difference?

Here is the link for more info: https://www.facebook.com/3valleyvgns/?pnref=story

Happy creativity in whatever you are doing x



Here is a drawing of the finished product.

Here is a drawing of the finished product.