Folk Music at World Vegan Month, Todmorden

A fantastic night of lively folk music and very tasty food was organised by the 3 Valley Vegans this November in Todmorden last week. It is so very exciting to see so many people supporting the vegan movement. Not everyone who turned up was a vegan and everyone was certainly welcome!

The evening was about fun, food and music and not about proselytising. However, I'm going to proselytise now and say that what is important is opening up a dialogue about veganism and dismantling an often bonkers and unreasonable culture that purports to love animals but turns a blind eye to the profound use and abuse of animals in our culture. We have conditioned ourselves into thinking it is OK to do this. Taking steps to reduce the unnecessary use of animal product, such as the new £5.00 and £10.00 note containing tallow, or understanding that the wearing of leather is no different to the wearing of fur other than one is socially acceptable (the bonkers part), is an enormous start.

Anyway, Mr Q and myself have filmed and photographed the event for posterity and here is what happened........

To celebrate World Vegan Month, 3 Valley Vegans presented a night of fun, food and fancy footwork in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, UK. Here is what happened...... For more information, go to Soundtrack: 'Vlad the Impala' by Lazlo Baby, film editor: Harriet Quilty

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