Hector's Head

Happy April everybody! This blog is coming to you a bit late. I don't know why, guess I just forgot to blog about it. 

Oh, I know why..........

So, anyway, here he is my beautiful boy Hector shown to the right of us. My dear nephew, who is a great chum of Hector since he dogsat for us last year, wanted a drawing of him on a teeshirt. Bally good idea, I thought, and set to. Many hours later I came up with a classic Hector expression.... well, at least that is what Mr Q said.

It turns out it is very costly to print one of teeshirts. But I have found an eco friendly company that do. The images are not silk screened like my vegan sheep but printed digitally but that is OK. Despite the cost, as a one off for the sake of convenience, that has to be good for me. Just think, if you can do your own design with one off's, sky will be the limit. As long as you are not breaking any copyright rules. Anyone out there want a portrait of their dog on a teeshirt? Just an idea.

And the reason why I didn't write a blog earlier is because I have set up shop on the website of this company, but was waiting to put a few more designs on to the site before actually telling any one about. We could be waiting forever for that to happen, so shop is open to you and yours and here is the link where you can buy a teeshirt: