Arty Thoughts by guest vlogger, Chris Gill,

This week, my guest blogger (or should I say vlogger) is anarcho creative powerhouse, Chris Gill. Chris can be spotted, from time to time, in our little village in Cornholme, Todmorden, where he grew up and has a wealthy knowledge of the history of Tod and the people that live here. But mostly, he is globetrotting and has many fascinating stories and experiences to regale of his life around the world, working as an artist and journalist.

His story, as an artist who happens to be undergoing (but not to be out-done) the process of living with Multiple Sclerosis, is a fascinating one,  but I will leave him to tell you his story. Today he is reporting to us from Toronto, Canada, sticking to globetrotting tradition, of course. He has posted a vlog, plus a little teaser, which made me chuckle, so I will post them both. I have also posted links below where you can see many of his wonderful and prolific work. Many thanks for sharing your story Chris.

Arty think
preferred corridor.png













"Corridor at the End of Time", Installation by Chris Gill

Shanghai, 2011



Chris Gill, Shanghai Art Gallery:

Lost and Back/Corridor at the end of Time: