Illustrated Map of the Water Quarter, Todmorden

Very happy to preeesent!…….

Waterside Map for Todmorden Collective 72dpi copy.jpg

Hello everyone, just like winter is a time for hibernation, I, too, have been spending the winter months in quiet contemplation, holed up in my garret, wearing layers to keep me warm with one solitary heater to keep my layers warm. Hector, our lovely german wire haired pointer cross and Youtube (so addicted, help me!) have been so very kind as to keep me company as I work. What a tough life! :)

What have I been doing all this time? Well, I have had a couple of projects on the go. The first one I’m excited tell you about now and you can see it above, it’s an Illustrated Map of the Water Quarter in Todmorden.

By now, you may have heard me relentlessly talk (or rather illustrate) about post industrial Todmorden and the breathtaking landscape. I have illustrated the buildings, the doors and mills, the woolly sheep (a common sight is seeing them on the street as they go awol), the dry stone walls and my very own Tod Map, which has proven to be a bestseller on account of the fact that Tod holds a special place in the heart of many people.

Which is why I was thrilled when I was asked to create a map for the Water Quarter Collective of the Water Quarter in Todmorden. The ‘hood is a popular and busy location in the centre of the town, intersected by the Rochdale Canal. This Water Quarter is close to the train station (Manchester is only 25 minutes away), bus routes and plenty of (free) parking. Here, you will find a vibrant, diverse, children and dog friendly community with cafés, music venues, street food, art galleries, workshops, gift shops, well-being and plenty of more besides,

And it is not just this area that will benefit. We will be starting on the reverse side of the map shortly, which will embrace the larger area, including useful information, places of interest and more info on the local business. This is also a very useful aid for when you come and visit! Please feel free to share this post or print out the map in preparation for the day you do come and visit. Come and support our local community, which has so much to offer and for everyone! Looking forward to seeing you!!