Welcome to my new website and Merry Christmasssss

Hello and welcome!

Please feel free to plump up a cushion, sip a cup of tea and peruse through the work in your own relaxing time.

I have to say I have had a bit of a disruption from illustrating due to illness and moving to a completely different part of the country, so, hello beautiful Pennine hills and hello fabulous, fine pencils!! Having a break is a good and healthy thing, though, I have returned to the drawing board feeling refreshed and brimming with ideas and it feels pretty damned great to be able to sit at my desk and just draw, draw draw! 

And as for the beautiful Pennine hills, well, we happen to be very artsy, craftsy here you know, and there seems to be a high proportion of artists in the village where we live. I've been getting myself involved with different local collaborations over the last few months; as a guest artist (jointly with artist husband, Ronan) for a Yorkshire calendar with a, umm, fun gnome theme; selling work at a couple of vintage shops here, hello to Al's Emporium and Homebird (I will write more about them on another blog) and exhibiting work at an open show with the Todmorden Art Group in our very own grand Town Hall. I've kind of fallen in love with this creative and quirky place, but that is not surprising, I have strong Yorkshire roots in this area, so it feels a little like coming home.

I'm still getting used to this new site and in the next few days will embed a mini Etsy shop, so I can't navigate you at the moment, and I'll be sorting out a few tweaks that are needed here and there.

And since it is the start of the festive season for many, I want to wish you a beautiful and happy and healthy break and an exquisite New Year.