The Artwork of Harriet Quilty

.... is an ongoing process of discovery and exploration, which I am very happy to share with you as the creative story unfolds. 

I'm an artist and illustrator and have studied in various educational establishments including Eastbourne College of Art and Technology and Cambridge School of Art. I recently moved to the stunning Yorkshire wilderness in England with my husband, Ronan and country loving canine companion, Hector. The playground behind our house comes equipped with beautiful waterfalls and magical woods teeming with wildlife, we absolutely love it here. In Cambridgeshire (very flat there!), where I used to live, I worked as an Artworks Co-ordinator with adults with learning disabilities, sold greetings cards in various retail shops, demonstrated in art shops as well as exhibited in group and curated shows (see below). 

I have many muses but the main body of my current work is inspired by the bountiful and extraordinary world of Yorkshire, the people, the places and it's character.

As a product, my aim is make make art accessible and affordable as gifts and to encourage as many people as possible to hang paintings on their wall. Just as each book (or kindle) holds within it many stories and dimensions of intrigue, so, too, does the painting that hangs in your home, whether it be representational or abstract.

I'm available for commissions, for example, perhaps you or a family member live in a beautiful, quirky boat that you would like to remember forever, or you would like an illustration of all your Granny's favourite things to gift her or perhaps you would like some portraits of your pet terrapins, then look no further, click on the 'open form' button and message me. Thank you.

You can find work for sale when you click the Shop link on this website.



2018, September 7th, 8th & 9th, Todmorden Open Studios, The Old Co-op, Yorkshire

2018, June, Todmorden Information Centre, Todmorden, West Yorkshire

2018, May, Legacy Arts Gallery, Todmorden, West Yorkshire

2017, September, Todmorden Open Studios, West Yorkshire

2016, November, Todmorden Art Group, Yorkshire

2013, April, Cambridge Drawing Society, Cambridge

2013, Jan to Mar, "Flicker", Smiths Row Gallery, Bury St Edmunds

2012, April, Cambridge Drawing Society, Cambridge

2011, Oct, Cambridge Drawing Society, St Faiths School, Cambridge

2011, May to June, "Tea & Sympathy", Masham Gallery, Yorkshire

2010, Oct, Cambridge Drawing Society, Cambridge

2010, July, Islington Design Centre, London

2010, June, Cambridge School of Art, Cambridge

2010, April, CDS, Cambridge

2009, April, CDS, Cambridge

2009, February, "Unity", Resource Centre, Cambridge

2008, November, "Liberation", Sue Ryder Hospice, Ely